Thank you Melissa!

Melissa McCarthy Wears Pharaoun Rings for Superbowl Commercial

Thank you Melissa McCarthy for wearing your cocktail rings as you sing about how wonderful is for Superbowl LVII!

You sing absolutely beautifully Melissa, and I love how you stacked your OVNI and Herculaneum rings!

Thank you!!

I love how you have worn your Pharaoun designs on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and for a Chase Bank commercial with the Property Brothers.

Thank you Melissa McCarthy for your incredible support!

I hope your Pharaoun designs bring you tremendous joy!!

Thank you!!

To honor Sarah

I lost my wife Sarah to metastatic breast cancer in 2017, and I created Pharaoun to honor her memory by honoring the women in my life.

Sarah taught me about joy, romantic love, and how wonderful our relationships with our children can be.  She taught me so much, and I’m still learning from her.  One of her biggest lessons inspired the Pink Key Society.

Sarah’s natural elegance, her smile, and her love of people and life was contagious.  She made everyone feel incredible, loved, and happy.  I am so blessed that she was my partner for ten years, and she is a large part of my heart.  

She is the woman that inspires every design, and I dedicate Pharaoun to her.

My hope is that your Pharaoun reminds you of your favorite version of yourself

"What I find is that in the chaos of every day, women forget themselves, their strength, their beauty, and their independence.  

I want my designs to inspire women to be their favorite version of themselves, and that starts with you honoring yourself."

- Sergio Andrés Mendoza, Designer

Free Ring Sizer by Mail

Unsure of your ring size?  It can be difficult, especially because a cocktail ring can be worn on any finger. 

I created a ring sizer to help, and would be happy to send you one.