About Pharaoun

Thank you for discovering Pharaoun.  My name is Sergio Andrés Mendoza, and my hope is that you see more in my jewelry than just a beautiful design.  My designs are very special to me, and I also want them to inspire you.

I created Pharaoun to honor the powerful women who shaped me, and each of my designs is inspired by the women in my life.  I don’t think my story is unique, as I see power, independence, and beauty in all of the women around me.

Both my grandmothers lost great wealth and social prestige in Cuba, yet Enid and Elodia raised my parents, aunts and uncles with a determination that has nothing to do with money.

Fiercely independent, naturally beautiful, and with an intrinsic sense of legacy, they embody my sense of elegance.  

They taught me about jewelry and how it should be worn.

I was able to learn from the world’s great cities, attend the best schools, and enjoy incredible food because my mother worked.  She graduated in the first class to include women at Princeton University, but didn’t start law school until we were almost in middle school.  

She taught me to love learning and shared her confidence with me.  She is my Athena.

My sister Beatriz continuously pushed what it means to live beautifully.  A prolific artist with an extraordinary sense of color and composition, she created most of the art in my home. 

When you surround yourself with physical beauty, and choose to live your life beautifully and full of love, the sublime can be reached.  My sister is my greatest teacher.

My wife Sarah taught me about joy, romantic love, and how wonderful our relationships with our children can be.  She taught me so much, and I’m still learning from her.  One of her biggest lessons inspired the Pink Key Society.

Sarah’s natural elegance, her smile, and her love of people and life was contagious.  She made everyone feel incredible, loved, and happy.  I am so blessed that she was my partner for ten years, and she is a large part of my heart.  

She is the woman that inspires every design, and I dedicate Pharaoun to her.

My daughter Anaïs teaches me about purity, and what it means to be a woman.  Every day I marvel at her innate power, beauty, and grace.  

She is the most elegant woman I know (and she is only 8 years old).

I want to honor the women in my life, but I also want to honor you.  You deserve to be honored, and I want to help you to honor yourself.

Give yourself the time to find yourself in one of my designs, and I hope your Pharaoun will remind you of your favorite version of yourself.

Thank you for being an incredible woman.  Big hug.  Sergio.

Thank you Fort Lauderdale Magazine!

I am so honored with the way you chose to share my mission in such a compelling and impactful way.  Thank you!

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