Mini Sea Urchin in Blue
Mini Sea Urchin in Blue
Mini Sea Urchin in Blue

Mini Sea Urchin in Blue

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This ring is a testament to how impactful my years underwater have been.  I love the ocean, and if you do too, this might be the ring for you. 

The biggest influence in my sister’s art has always been nature, and the glorious sea urchin of our youth and of Earnst Haeckel’s prints is central to our pantheon.

There is something divine about the intricate skeleton of a sea urchin.  It has a natural geometry, a royal shape, and it begs to be touched.  Who would have thought that this beauty was what you would find underneath a sea urchin’s protective spines? 

What are you hiding under your protective spines?

I think sea urchins are beautiful, but I also love to eat them.  My local sea urchins have not yet been discovered by the Japanese, so we have no idea how they should be served, but the rest of the world seems to know exactly what makes a sea urchin special.  In my twenties I went as far north as Rebun-shi in Hokkaido to eat uni, and I’ve harvested my own achinos near Folegandros, but some of the best sea urchin I’ve ever eaten was at Nobu in San Diego. I hope you have a chance to eat some soon too. It’s always worth it.

A miniature sculpture, this ring is spectacular.  Its tactile, its fun, it can be worn to a gala or to the beach, and every time you wear it, you will get compliments.  You'll find yourself touching it, fiddling, enjoying it.

Even though the inspiration for this ring comes directly from nature, I tried to abstract the design to make it iconic.  I think there is a tremendous amount of beauty that can be captured with just gold and stones, and even my friends who have never seen a sea urchin skeleton love this design.

Available in full size and mini, some women are stacking them.  I would recommend you get two different colors for a bit more complexity if you choose to stack them, but find your own combination.  I have one friend who wears three full size urchins on the same hand and rocks them.

Every Pharaoun Cocktail Ring is designed by me, Sergio Andrés Mendoza, and produced using the lost-wax casting technique in my workshop out of sterling silver and then covered with 22 karat gold. The crystals used are each stone-cut, polished, and set by hand, and represent my favorite natural stones.  Each style can also be ordered in 22 karat gold over 18 karat gold, with prices starting at $2950.

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