OVNI in Aqua
OVNI in Aqua
OVNI in Aqua
OVNI in Aqua

OVNI in Aqua

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My best friend’s wife named this ring, and I was completely surprised that I had never heard the Spanish word for UFO.  I guess Cubans don’t have the patience for Objeto Volador No Identificado.

My parents taught me how important languages are, and even though it takes a lot of effort, I believe a broad cultural knowledge that includes travel and friends from all over the world is a necessary pillar of my children’s education.

I try to speak to my children exclusively in Spanish, and I hope that one day they are inspired to speak French with my brother-in-law and with their godparents, and Japanese with my host family. 

Whatever language you are speaking, I hope this ring inspires friendly conversations with people all over the world.

This ring is a masterpiece.  Intricate on the outside, and intricate on the inside, I find myself saying that those are the qualities of my favorite women.  If you are an aesthete, a designer, or someone that is judged by the sophistication of your taste, this is the ring for you.

Have you seen the beautiful stones on the back of this ring?  They are exquisite, but not visible to all.  Who are they for if no one can see them? 

They are for you, not them.

This ring is for you, and just like you, this ring does not need to reveal itself to others for you to know what you have inside.

This beauty is hidden from others not because you are afraid, but as a reminder that I know that your strength is always there, whether you show it, or the world sees it, or not.

Every Pharaoun Cocktail Ring is designed by me, Sergio Andrés Mendoza, and produced using the lost-wax casting technique in my workshop out of sterling silver and then covered with 22 karat gold. The crystals used are each stone-cut, polished, and set by hand, and represent my favorite natural stones.  Each style can also be ordered in 22 karat gold over 18 karat gold, with prices starting at $2950.

Not sure about your ring size? I can help.  Let me send you my complimentary ring sizer, just request one here.