Bash in Marquise
Bash in Marquise
Bash in Marquise
Bash in Marquise

Bash in Marquise

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My wife Sarah had a deep passion for the special joy that a night of drinking and dancing can bring a group of friends.

Sarah and her best friends, my children’s tias, grew up dancing at clubs like Crobar, Amnesia, and Mynt on South Beach, her sister’s lounge Oxygen in the Grove, and in countless forgotten clubs all over the world.

They lived for those nights, because they knew that their bond was made stronger by the charge of each night of revelry, each party a celebration of life.  They felt a euphoria and warmth and love that will never disappear, and I know that they brought Sarah as much joy as she brought them.

I created these rings to help you harness that energy, the charge that tonight will bring, or the memories of perfect nights past.

Black, white, and gold are a magical combination for me, so even though this ring is the same design as the Lotus ring, it needed a special name.  I think when you combine gold and black you reveal a sexiness that will never go out of style.  This combination of colors, as classic as they may be, feel modern and fun.

Have you seen the beautiful stones on the back of this ring?  They are exquisite, but not visible to all.  Who are they for if no one can see them? 

They are for you, not them.

This ring is for you, and just like you, this ring does not need to reveal itself to others for you to know what you have inside.

This beauty is hidden from others not because you are afraid, but as a reminder that I know that your strength is always there, whether you show it, or the world sees it, or not.

Every Pharaoun Cocktail Ring is designed by me, Sergio Andrés Mendoza, and produced using the lost-wax casting technique in my workshop out of sterling silver and then covered with 22 karat gold. The crystals used are each stone-cut, polished, and set by hand, and represent my favorite natural stones.  Each style can also be ordered in 22 karat gold over 18 karat gold, with prices starting at $2950.

Not sure about your ring size? I can help.  Let me send you my complimentary ring sizer, just request one here.